A B2B Marketplace for 20 Million European Companies: Interview with Gabriel Delpech, CEO and Founder of Europe Factory

I had an interview with Gabriel Delpech. He is CEO and founder of Europe Factory. Europe Factory is a B2B marketplace, dedicated to worldwide professional buyers, and suppliers of the European Union. It was founded in 2015, in Paris, France.

Techlist: First of all, please tell me about the story of Europe Factory. How did you the idea to start it? What is your mission for Europe Factory?

GabrielEurope Factory has been founded by myself, Gabriel Delpech, current CEO. I’ve been working for 10 years for French distribution as a professional Buyer for electrical goods. This experience taught me that finding a supplier in China is easy, as there is a lot of local sourcing companies and B2B marketplaces such as Alibaba that make quite easy to find one or more suppliers for any kind of products.

Then, as a French and European citizen, I told myself “why is there no such thing for Europe?”, while we have 28 countries (European Union speaking) and more than 20 million companies – mainly small ones. Moreover, it really makes sense for EU companies to trade between them when we list all the advantages: no duties, same currency for most of the countries, the geographical proximity which makes easier to meet and reduces cost and delays for delivery… It also makes sense for B2B Buyers outside of the EU, as European companies are known for delivering better quality products.

Then, the idea was to create the “European Alibaba”, as it is a B2B marketplace where only EU based companies can join as suppliers, while on Buyers side, it is opened to all countries. Our mission is to promote EU companies and help them to increase their sales.

Techlist: How it works and its business models?

Gabriel: In its first version, Europe Factory is a B2B marketplace that connects Suppliers and Buyers. Through their profiles and their catalog of products, services or savoir-faire, Suppliers can receive RFQ/RFI, and chat with buyers. We are thinking about adding an order management system in V2.

The current business model is based on subscriptions: if Suppliers want to get access to all functions, such as receiving messages, quotations… and publish many more products, they have the choice between monthly and annual subscriptions, starting at 29€. For the buyers, the access is totally free.

Techlist: What are advantages of Europe Factory its competitors?

Gabriel: The main advantage of Europe Factory is, as its name suggests it, that we are offering to the +20M of companies based in the EU a B2B marketplace dedicated to them, that will help them to get noticed and clearly identified as European companies, while on websites such as Alibaba, it is difficult for them to compete and exist.

Techlist: What is your future plan for it?

Gabriel: As previously said, we are working on a V2 that could bring an order management system and many improvements. And for that, we are looking for investors.

Techlist: Thank you Gabriel for sharing about your company.

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