Interview with GuestReady: a platform to provide bnb property management services for Airbnb,, and other short-term rentals

GuestReady is a web platform based startup, registered in Switzerland for real estate management with a focus on short-term rentals. I conducted an interview with Chris Schalkx, Social Media & Content Marketing Manager of GuestReady.

Techlist: Firstly, can you tell me how did you guys get this idea?

GuestReady: As frequent travelers and devoted Airbnb hosts, we understand the challenges that come with managing an Airbnb rental first-hand. Nowadays, guests expect hotel quality amenities, extraordinary personal service, and on-call services when booking a vacation rental – something that can be hard to keep up with when hosting multiple guests each week. GuestReady was founded in late 2016 with the objective of taking the hassle out of Airbnb hosts.

Techlist: For example, if I am a house owner how can I use your service? What are benefits?

GuestReady: In short, we help property owners increase their income with short-term rental solutions while reducing their workload at the same time. We manage the day-to-day operations of Airbnbs and other short-term apartments, including property listing, guest communication, cleaning, laundry, toiletries and check-in and check-out of guests. Thanks to our team’s expertise in finance, hospitality and property management we help hosts increase their property returns due to dynamic pricing strategies and listing optimization.

Techlist: Currently, what countries are you operating in?

GuestReady: GuestReady is currently active in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East: London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Paris, Cannes, Porto, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Dubai.

Techlist: How many people are working for it?

GuestReady: We currently have about 100 people working in our offices around the globe, as well as a large group of cleaners, greeters, and technicians to support our on-the-ground operations.

Techlist: Did you raise funding before you get started it?

GuestReady: At our launch in November 2016 the company was boosted by $750,000 seed funding thanks to the Swiss Founders Fund along with Senn and Partner. A contribution was also made by Airbnb executive Georg Bauser. A year later we received $3 million from Impulse VC – a Russian Fund backed by Roman Abramovich who is the owner of Chelsea FC. Other supporters included Xponova and Boost Heroes from Australia led by Fabio Cannavale who founded Lastminute. At the same time, we also acquired one of our competitors – Easy Rental Services – which had been operating for three years in London and Paris.

Techlist: What is the future plan of GuestReady?

GuestReady: GuestReady’s quick scaling isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We have recently launched in Porto, Cannes, and Dubai and aim to start operating in five more markets by the end of this year – mainly in the UK, where we see huge potential. We also aim to expand operational teams in our key markets to take on additional properties without having to sacrifice our premium level of service.

To keep accelerating, we are doubling down on the technical side of our operations. We have recently launched our improved Host Dashboard, allowing us to be completely transparent with the real-time property and income reports that our hosts have access to. We are also investing in the development of additional software solutions to aid us in creating schedules, facilitate in-house bookings and generally make it easier for us to handle multiple booking platforms and properties at scale.

Techlist: Thank you so much GuestReady for sharing about your company. I wish your company have all the success in 2018.

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