Startup of the Week: Statusdroid CEO Lukas Pour

Statusdroid is a Czech startup which makes an easy and simple way to monitor the functionality and security of the websites. I tried to have an interview with Lukas Pour, he is founder and CEO of Satusdroid.

Tun Tun: Firstly, can you tell me what is your background and how did you get the idea to start statusdroid?

Lukas: Prior to launching Statusdroid, we were fully focused on our IT services company, Lukapo. While providing maintenance and consultancy to our clients, it occurred to us they all faced rather similar problems with their websites. We needed to put together some sort of a checklist of everything that makes a website run smoothly and decreases the possibility of outages and other problems. Statusdroid became this checklist, so we basically launched it just for ourselves. It wasn’t until a few months later that we first thought hey, maybe we’re not the only ones to find this helpful!

Tun Tun: Statusdroid is an AI-powered website monitoring platform. What technology stack do you use?

Lukas: Statusdroid is proudly built on Python—we use Django to render Web UI,  Celery and Kombu communicate with RabbitMQ and coordinate servers all around the World. Docker and AWS are hidden in the background—they provide us with a secure way to quickly deploy of all bugfixes and improvements. We save our data to multiple database backends—we use MySQL for persistent data, Redis for the rapidly changing values and ElasticSearch to compute statistics of monitored websites.

Tun Tun: Can you explain Statusdroid’s service features?

Lukas: We started Statusdroid as a website monitoring tool. This was just fine for a while; however, we felt the urge to do more. It was nice to have something that tells you how your website is doing, but wouldn’t it be even better if it could solve some of the problems it detects? So the next step became automation, and with it came the recently launched features like pausing your AdWords and Facebook ads when your website is down or posting an update on your public status page when an outage occurs.

Tun Tun: How does PPC Ads management feature work?

Lukas: The moment Statusdroid finds out your website isn’t running like it should be, it automatically pauses all your active ads in Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, preventing you from wasting money and losing your reputation among customers. Once the problem is resolved and your website is up and running again, Statusdroid makes all the ads active again. PPC Ads is available for all users with a Pro plan. New users can give it a test drive while in their 15-day free trial.

Tun Tun: What is your future plan for Statusdroid?

Lukas: There’s a list of features we’ll be launching in the upcoming months, one of them for example will be antivirus website monitoring. From a broader perspective the goal and our ambition is to become a complex insurance for website owners and admins. We aim to help them not just know about what’s going on with their website but also solve any problem they might experience while running it.

Tun Tun: Thanks a lot, Lukas for sharing about your company.

Author: Tun Tun Aung

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